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How to Use the Pencil Grip
By Greyson Ferguson, eHow Contributor
When children first start writing with pencils or other kinds of utensils, they can find it difficult to hold the object in the correct manner. This is where the pencil grip comes in. The pencil grip is placed on the edge of the pencil and guides the child's hand and fingers to the correct location, allowing him or her to learn to write far quicker than he or she would without the specialized grip.

Importance of the Proper Pencil Grip.
The correct pencil grip involves holding the pencil between the thumb and pointer finger, and resting the pencil on the middle finger for added stability.
Since a child’s natural inclination is to hold a pencil with his entire fist (pinky finger closest to the paper and index finger and thumb on top), the proper pencil grip must be actively taught.
Since writing comfortably is a skill your child will use throughout his lifetime, it is wise to help your child develop a comfortable and efficient pencil grip when
he is young. Also, it is much easier to learn to hold a pencil correctly at the start than it is to unlearn an improper pencil grip and retrain muscles to learn the proper grip once your child is older.

Writing, Typing and Mouthstick Impliments and Prism Glasses

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Writing Bird
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