Aids to Daily Living - Eating , Drinking & Kitchen Preparation

One-handed adaptive equipment
Cutting aids make working in the kitchen a practical affair for people who have the use of only one hand to prepare foods. The one-handed food preparation cutting board is a multi-purpose board ideal for cutting, peeling and grating. Functionally-designed knives like the Rocker knives or T rocker knives allow the user to chop with a rocking motion using one hand.

Easy grip utensils
Gripping aids, which have a soft, rubberized non-slip surface that provides a firmer and safer grip, cater to individuals with a weak grip and impaired muscular strength. The easy grip feature of these items reduces pressure on joints thereby doing away with any discomfort. There are cuffs and straps for those who have limited dexterities that impact grip strength.

Angled and bendable utensils
Angled and bendable utensils feature a shaft design which can be hand-bent at any angle to allow independent self-feeding for people with limited range of motion, tendonitis, frozen limbs, bursitis, and dislocation of joints. The combination cutlery sets are designed to compensate the effort required in bending the wrist, elbow or shoulder thus making eating a smooth task.

Weighted utensils
Weighted utensils are valuable aids for those with hand tremors or reduced limb coordination. Weighted knives, forks and spoons steady the hands when cutting or eating. The additional weight of the utensils allows a comfortable position and a firm grip to avoid spillage.

Adaptive drinking cups
Adaptive drinking cups are designed to prevent accidental spillage, control the amount of liquid to be dispensed as well as reduce strain while holding the cup.
Specially designed adaptive utensils help a person lead a normal life despite handicaps or disabilities. They are particularly useful to people suffering from Parkinson’s, stroke, arthritis as well as individuals with special needs, senior and elderly persons.

Aids to Daily Living- Drinking Aids

Doidy Cup 192ml SM34407
This unique cup design is brilliant to teach a person to drink from a rim cup (SM34407)
Feeding Cup with Long Spout Clear SM35253 PR16746
This unique two handled cup comes with long open spout. (SM35253)
Flexi Cut Cup Pink or Blue (Nose Cut Out)
Flexible Cup 1 fl oz (30ml) Pink / 2 fl. oz. (59ml) Blue (SM35275)


Insulated Mug with Lid 237 ml SM35251
High Impact cup (SM35251)



Insulated Mug with Lid 355 ml- Weighted
High Impact cup- weighted base (SM55632)
Insulated Mug with Lid SM35252
Insulated Mug with Lid - 12 oz.. (SM35252)
Kennedy Spillproof Cup SM35224
Blue Colour Only (SM35224)
Mug See Through - 2 handled with Lid & spout SM36270
Clear cup with wide base- 295ml (SM36270)




Nose Cut Out Cup SM35273 & 74
Drink without head extension (SM35273-08)


Snorkel Lid to suit Insulated Mug
Suits SM25252 and SM35251 Insulated Mugs (SM35255-3)
Thumbs Up Cup two handled SM35282
Ideal for people with arthritic Hands (SM35282)




Aids to Daily Living - Eating Aids




Out of Stock
Good Grips Cutlery
Good Grips Cutlery set 5 or Buy Individually
Large Handled cutlery with Fork and Spoon adjustable angle (SM65599)


Rocking "T"Handle Knife
Assists users with Hand weakness from stroke and arthritic conditions (SM28237)


SecurGuard Clear Food Plate Guard SM35244
Attaches easily to most plates (SM35244)
SecurGuard White Food Plate Guard
Attaches easily to most plates 23-28cm (SM35213)
Wrist Support with Universal Utensil Cuff Standard NC3533 series
Features adjustable utensil cuff- Standard Adult Size Only





Kitchen Preparation Aids

Bottle Brush Suction Base Deluxe Trio
3 brush bottle brush (SM28222-3)
Cutting Board - Cutting Aid 50-1005
Single Handed Operation Wt 415gm (50-1005)
Cutting Board - Food Preparation Waterproof
Food Preparation/Cutting Board (SM28216)


Cutting Board- Swedish (One Hand Operation) SM28502
Size 30 x 28 cm Weight 1.3kg (SM28502)



Ergonomic Knife 'Relieve' Angled Regular or Short
Ideal lightweight knives with ergonomic handle (40-2102)


Knife Ergonomic Carving (Swedish Type)
Large Ergonomic 13cm Handle encouraging straight wrist grip (SM28239)


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