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Velcro Fastening Systems

Secur Paraffin Wax

Monday 4th January 2016

..This professional-grade paraffin treatment wax is safe and reliable. Choose a fragrance or unscented. Formulated in Australia for use in Hand Heat Therapy

ProCool Thumb Restriction Brace

Monday 11th May 2015

Image The ProCool Thumb Restriction Splint is a very low-profile wrap-around support that provides adjustable support for the thumb CMC joint in the treatment of osteoarthritis and medial subluxation, while allowing full finger function.

NEW! Securlite Hand Exercise Putty

Monday 4th January 2016

Try our new release of velvet touch SecurLitePremium lightweight exercise putty. Feel the difference.

Dynamic & Static Splints

Saturday 25th April 2015

FEATURES: Treat a variety of diagnoses involving finger joints, PIP DIP, extension and contractures.

Friday 1st January 2016



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